The rwptr package provides a random walk particle tracking implementation that can be used with RMODFLOW.

To date, it has only been used in a few projects, of which the only publicly available output is available in:

Rogiers B, Laloy E, Gedeon M, Dassargues A, Huysmans M, Batelaan O, Mallants D. 2014. Large-scale probabilistic optimization using non-stationary geostatistics for uncertainty assessment of groundwater flow and solute transport. 10th conference on geostatistics for environmental applications, geoENV 2014, Paris, 9-11 July, 2014. (see for more information)

Use devtools::install_github("rogiersbart/rwptr") to install the latest development version of the package. The devtools package is available on CRAN.

Package website: Track development at:

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