Man pages for roilanhv/longwaveR
Evaluate various downward longwave parametrizations

CalcStatsFunction for statistical analise
CCBAmount of cloud estimatives functions.
CFGAmount of cloud estimatives functions.
CJGAmount of cloud estimatives functions.
CKCAmount of cloud estimatives functions.
CKZAmount of cloud estimatives functions.
CLMAmount of cloud estimatives functions.
correct.clearness.indexCreate from hourly clearness index a mean daily clearness...
CQBAmount of cloud estimatives functions.
CWUAmount of cloud estimatives functions.
data2Santa Maria micrometeorological observations
data_liDownward longwave radiation observed and calculated
EAIEmissivity from atmosphere
EAMEmissivity from atmosphere
EANEmissivity from atmosphere
EBREmissivity from atmosphere
EBTEmissivity from atmosphere
EDOEmissivity from atmosphere
EGBEffective emissivity from atmosphere with cloud atenuation
EGREmissivity from atmosphere
EIDEmissivity from atmosphere
EIJEmissivity from atmosphere
EKZEmissivity from atmosphere
ENMEmissivity from atmosphere
EPREmissivity from atmosphere
ESTEmissivity from atmosphere
ESWEmissivity from atmosphere
get.AllSchemsFunction to get all scheme calculation, adjust = TRUE make a...
get.LiDownward Longwave Radiation from a emissivity and a cloud...
kloudinesIncoming solar radiation atenuattion (K)
LHSUCreate a LHS sequence from a interval for each parameter
maxlimLimits vector values between interval
MonteCarloMonteCarlo simulation for optimization
NRMSENormalized Root Mean Square Error
PotRadPotencial Radiation from date vector
R2Linear Regression Coeficient
run_funCalculate emissivity
run_statsCalculate statistics
split_statsSplit data and Li series by time factor (ex., "daytime",...
table_statsCalculate statistical index
to.daylightFunction for day and nigth identification
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