Man pages for roinaveiro/acAra
Adversarial Classification with ARA

attackEmailEmail Attacker
classifierUtilitiesGeneratorClassifier utilities generator
deltasComputation of deltas.
getACRAlabelACRA classificator
getACRAprobabilitiesGet ACRA Probabilities
getAttackProbDistributionAttacks Probability Distribution
getMeanGet mean of particular email
getNBlabelNB classificator with utilities
getNBPriorsGet Naive-Bayes Priors
getNBProbabilitiesGet Naive-Bayes Probabilities
getQsGet q's of particular email
getRaGet ra from vector
mailGeneratorEmail Generator
mailToNumberConvert Mail to Number
prbAttacks Probability Distribution
preprocessingPreprocessing to speed up computations
preprocessing2V2Get matrix of probabilities of classifier believing that the...
randutRandom Utility Generator
ranprobGet P_a(x) as seen by the adversary
trainingSetGeneratorTraining Set Generator
trainRawNBTrain Raw Naive-Bayes
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