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Meaningful Aggregation of Trajectory Data in R

aggregateSpatio-temporal aggregation of trajectory data
as.ltrajCoercion to 'ltraj' objects
as.MoveCoercion to 'Move' objects
as.MoveBurstCoercion to 'MoveBurst' objects
as.MoveStackCoercion to 'MoveStack' objects
as.TrackCoercion to 'Track' objects
as.TracksCoercion to 'Tracks' objects
as.TracksCollectionCoercion to 'TracksCollection' objects
countCounting trajectories over spatial or spatio-temporal...
createSpatialArealObjFromPointsFunction to create objects inheriting from class 'Spatial'...
overSpatio-temporal overlay of 'Track' objects with 'Spatial' or...
pigeon_R_moveStack'pigeon_R_moveStack' - example data from movebank
pigeon_R_moveSt_sub'pigeon_R_moveSt_sub' - small subset of the pigeons' example...
pigeon_S_moveStack'pigeon_S_moveStack' - example data from movebank
pigeon_S_moveSt_sub'pigeon_S_moveSt_sub' - small subset of the pigeons' example...
vulture_moveStack'vulture_moveStack' - example data from movebank
wildboars_4Ind_ltraj'wildboars_4Ind_ltraj' - (adjusted) example data from the...
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