Man pages for roliveros-ramos/nctools
Tools for manipulation netCDF files

helloHello, World!
ncatt_get_allGet all variable's attributes from a ncdf object
ncdim_isUnlimIs the dimention unlimited?
ncdim_renameRename an Existing Dimension in a netCDF File
ncdim_sizeGet the dimensions of the variables in a ncdf object.
ncdim_unlimMake a dimension unlimited
nc_extractCreate a new file with one variable from a ncdf file
nc_rcatConcatenate records of the same variable from different ncdf...
nc_regridRegrid a variable from a ncdf file
nc_subsetSubset a ncdf variable
ncvar_dimGet dimension names for each variable in a ncdf file
ncvar_sizeGet the size of the variables in a ncdf object.
write.ncdfData output in ncdf format
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