Man pages for rolkra/explore
Simplifies exploratory data analysis

decryptdecrypt text
describedescribe a dataset, variable or table
describe_alldescribe all variables of a dataset
describe_catdescribe categorial variable
describe_numdescribe numerical variable
describe_tbldescribe table
dwh_connectconnect to DWH
dwh_disconnectdisconnect from DWH
dwh_fastloadwrite data to a DWH table faster than dwh_write_table
dwh_read_dataread data from DWH
dwh_read_tableread a table from DWH
dwh_write_tablewrite data to a DWH table
encryptencrypt text
explain_logregexplain a binary target using logistic regression
explain_treeexplain a target using a simple decision tree (classification...
exploreexplore a dataset or variable
explore_allexplore all variables
explore_catexplore categorial variable
explore_densityexplore density of variable
explore_numexplore numerical variable
explore_shinyexplore dataset interactive
format_numformat number
format_targetformat target
format_typeformat type description
get_nrowget number of rows for a grid plot
get_typereturn type of variable
guess_cat_numreturn if variable is categorial or nomerical
replace_na_withreplace NA
reportgenerate a report of all attributes
target_explore_catexplore categorial variable + target
target_explore_numexplore categorial variable + target
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