Man pages for romagnolid/PAMESdata
Precomputed lists of informative CpG sites and islands for PAMES package

BLCA_aucBladder Urothelial Carcinoma
BLCA_islandsBladder Urothelial Carcinoma
BLCA_sitesBladder Urothelial Carcinoma
BRCA_aucBreast invasive carcinoma
BRCA_islandsBreast invasive carcinoma
BRCA_sitesBreast invasive carcinoma
COAD_aucColon adenocarcinoma
COAD_islandsColon adenocarcinoma
COAD_sitesColon adenocarcinoma
ESCA_aucEsophageal carcinoma
ESCA_islandsEsophageal carcinoma
ESCA_sitesEsophageal carcinoma
HNSC_aucHead and Neck squamous cell carcinoma
HNSC_islandsHead and Neck squamous cell carcinoma
HNSC_sitesHead and Neck squamous cell carcinoma
KIRC_aucKidney renal clear cell carcinoma
KIRC_islandsKidney renal clear cell carcinoma
KIRC_sitesKidney renal clear cell carcinoma
KIRP_aucKidney renal papillary cell carcinoma
KIRP_islandsKidney renal papillary cell carcinoma
KIRP_sitesKidney renal papillary cell carcinoma
LIHC_aucLiver hepatocellular carcinoma
LIHC_islandsLiver hepatocellular carcinoma
LIHC_sitesLiver hepatocellular carcinoma
LUAD_aucLung adenocarcinoma
LUAD_islandsLung adenocarcinoma
LUAD_sitesLung adenocarcinoma
LUSC_aucLung squamous cell carcinoma
LUSC_islandsLung squamous cell carcinoma
LUSC_sitesLung squamous cell carcinoma
PAAD_aucPancreatic adenocarcinoma
PAAD_islandsPancreatic adenocarcinoma
PAAD_sitesPancreatic adenocarcinoma
PAMESdataPrecomputed sets of informative CpG sites and CpG islands
PRAD_aucProstate adenocarcinoma
PRAD_islandsProstate adenocarcinoma
PRAD_sitesProstate adenocarcinoma
THCA_aucThyroid carcinoma
THCA_islandsThyroid carcinoma
THCA_sitesThyroid carcinoma
UCEC_aucUterine Corpus Endometrial Carcinoma
UCEC_islandsUterine Corpus Endometrial Carcinoma
UCEC_sitesUterine Corpus Endometrial Carcinoma
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