Man pages for ropensci/RMendeley
Interface to Mendeley API methods

addContactaddContact - Add a contact on Mendeley
addFolderDocAllows authenticated users to add a document to an specific...
authoredauthored.R Search Method (Public Method)
authoredPubsauthoredPubs - allows authenticated users to retrieve their...
authorsauthors Stats Method (Public Method)
authorStatsauthorStats - Returns list of top 5 authors in your library.
categoriesReturns a list of Mendeley's categories
contactscontacts - List of current Mendeley contacts
createFoldercreateFolder - Create a folder in your Mendeley library
createGroupcreateGroup - Create a new group in your Mendeley library.
deleteDocumentdeleteDocument - delete a document from your library.
deleteFolderdeleteFolder - Delete a existing folder from your Mendeley...
deleteGroupdeleteGroup - Delete a group for which you have owner...
detailsdetails Search Method (Public Method)
docInfodocInfo - returns citation info for a specific paper
erdos_numbererdos number
folderDocsfolderDocs - Returns list of documents in a specific folder.
FoldersFolders - retuns a list of your Mendeley folders with sizes.
getFolderIDgetFolderID - retrieves Folder ID from folder name
getGroupIDGet a Group ID from group name
groupDocInfogroupDocInfo - Returns metadata for a document in a group.
groupDocsgroupDocs - returns a list of documents in a group.
groupPeoplegroupPeople - returns list of group members and their...
groupsquery for documents in a given group
leaveGroupThe following methods will quit membership from a group
mendeley_authFunction to obtain OAuth tokens from Mendeley to faciliate...
MendeleyCredentials-classAn S4 class that stores Mendeley credentials
MendeleyDocumentID-classAn S4 class that stores Mendeley credentials
MendeleyFolderID-classAn S4 class that stores MendeleyFolderID
MendeleyGroupID-classAn S4 class that stores MendeleyGroupID
MendeleyID-classAn S4 class that stores MendeleyID
mendeley_librarymendeley_library - Returns a list of all the documents in...
mendeley_profilemendeley_profile - Displays your user profile.
MendeleySimpleDocumentID-classAn S4 class that stores Mendeley credentials
msearchmsearch.R Search Method (Public Method)
myGroupsmyGroups - returns a list of Mendeley groups that you belong...
paperspapers.R Stats Method (Public Method)
publicationspublications.R: A Stats Method (Public Methods)
public_groups_detailspublic_groups.details.R Public Group Methods (Public Methods)
public_groups_documentspublic_groups_documents.R Public Group Methods (Public...
public_groups_overviewpublic_groups_overview.R Public Group Methods (Public...
public_groups_peoplepublic_groups.people.R Public Group Methods (Public Methods)
pubStatspubStats - returns list of top 20 publication outlets in your...
relatedrelated.R a Search Method (Public Method)
RMendeleyRMendeley - A programmatic interface to the Web Service...
show_authorsshow of authors on the paper
show_titlesshow of titles of the returned papers
show_yearsshow of titles of the returned papers
subcategoriesReturns a list of Mendeley's subcategories
subset_by_authorsubset search results by matching author
taggedtagged.R Search Method (Public Method)
tagstags.R a Stats Method (Public Method)
tagStatstagStats - allows authenticated users to get the most recent...
unfollowGroupThe following methods will essentially delete a group from...
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