Man pages for ropensci/bowerbird
Keep a Collection of Sparkly Data Resources

bb_addAdd new data sources to a bowerbird configuration
bb_cleanupPostprocessing: remove unwanted files
bb_configInitialize a bowerbird configuration
bb_data_source_dirReturn the local directory of each data source in a...
bb_data_sourcesGets or sets a bowerbird configuration object's data sources
bb_decompressPostprocessing: decompress zip, gz, bz2, tar, Z files and...
bb_example_sourcesExample bowerbird data sources
bb_find_wgetFind the wget executable
bb_fingerprintFingerprint the files associated with a data source
bb_getConvenience function to define and synchronize a bowerbird...
bb_handler_aws_s3Handler for public AWS S3 data sources
bb_handler_earthdataHandler for data sets from Earthdata providers
bb_handler_oceandataHandler for Oceandata data sets
bb_handler_rgetMirror an external data source using bowerbird's bb_rget...
bb_handler_wgetMirror an external data source using the wget utility
bb_install_wgetInstall wget
bb_modify_sourceModify a data source
bb_rgetA recursive download utility
bb_settingsGets or sets a bowerbird configuration object's settings
bb_sourceDefine a data source
bb_source_us_buildingsExample bowerbird data source: Microsoft US Buildings
bb_subsetKeep only selected data_sources in a bowerbird configuration
bb_summaryProduce a summary of a bowerbird configuration
bb_syncRun a bowerbird data repository synchronization
bb_wgetMake a wget call
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
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