Man pages for ropensci/ckanr
Client for the Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network ('CKAN') API

as.ckan_groupckan_group class helpers
as.ckan_organizationckan_organization class helpers
as.ckan_packageckan_package class helpers
as.ckan_relatedckan_related class helpers
as.ckan_resourceckan_resource class helpers
as.ckan_tagckan_tag class helpers
as.ckan_userckan_user class helpers
changesGet an activity stream of recently changed datasets on a...
ckan_classesckanr S3 classes
ckan_fetchDownload a file
ckan_infoGet information on a CKAN server
ckanr-deprecatedDeprecated functions in 'ckanr'
ckanr-packageR client for the CKAN API
ckanr_settingsGet or set ckanr CKAN settings
ckanr_setupConfigure default CKAN settings
dashboard_activity_listAuthorized user's dashboard activity stream
dashboard_countNumber of new activities of an authorized user
ds_createAdd a new table to a datastore
ds_create_datasetDatastore - create a new resource on an existing dataset
ds_searchDatastore - search or get a dataset from CKRAN datastore
ds_search_sqlDatastore - search or get a dataset from CKRAN datastore
group_createCreate a group
group_deleteDelete a group
group_listList groups.
group_patchUpdate a group's metadata
group_showShow a package
group_updateUpdate a group
license_listReturn the list of licenses available for datasets on the...
organization_createCreate an organization
organization_deleteDelete an organization
organization_listList organization
organization_showShow an organization
package_activity_listReturn a list of the package's activity
package_createCreate a package
package_deleteDelete a package
package_listList datasets.
package_list_currentList current packages with resources.
package_patchUpdate a package's metadata
package_revision_listReturn a dataset (package's) revisions as a list of...
package_searchSearch for packages.
package_showShow a package.
package_updateUpdate a package
pingPing a CKAN server to test that it's up or down.
pipePipe operator
related_createCreate a related item
related_deleteDelete a related item.
related_listList related items
related_showShow a related item
related_updateUpdate a related item
resource_createCreate a resource
resource_deleteDelete a resource.
resource_patchUpdate a resource's metadata
resource_searchSearch for resources.
resource_showShow a resource.
resource_updateUpdate a resource's file attachment
revision_listReturn a list of the IDs of the site's revisions.
serversCKAN server URLS and other info
src_ckanConnect to CKAN with dplyr
tag_createCreate a tag
tag_listList tags.
tag_searchList tags.
tag_showShow a tag.
user_activity_listReturn a list of a user's activities
user_createCreate a user.
user_deleteDelete a user.
user_followee_countReturn a a user's follower count
user_follower_countReturn a a user's follower count
user_follower_listReturn a a user's follower count
user_listReturn a list of the site's user accounts.
user_showShow a user.
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