Man pages for ropensci/datapack
A Flexible Container to Transport and Manipulate Data and Associated Resources

addAccessRuleAdd access rules to the specified object.
addDataAdd a DataObject to the DataPackage
addMemberAdd a DataObject to the DataPackage
canReadTest whether the provided subject can read an object.
clearAccessPolicyClear the accessPolicy from the specified object.
containsIdReturns true if the specified object is a member of the...
createFromTriplesPopulate a ResourceMap with RDF relationships from...
DataObject-classDataObject wraps raw data with system-level metadata
DataObject-initializeInitialize a DataObject
datapackdatapack, a container for packages of data and associated...
DataPackage-classA class representing a data package
DataPackage-initializeInitialize a DataPackage object.
datapack-deprecatedDeprecated Methods
describeWorkflowAdd data derivation information to a DataPackage
dmsgPrint a debugging message to stderr.
freeResourceMapFree memory used by a ResouceMap.
getDataGet the data content of a specified data object
getFormatIdGet the FormatId of the DataObject
getIdentifierGet the Identifier of the DataObject
getIdentifiersGet the Identifiers of Package Members
getMemberReturn the Package Member by Identifier
getRelationshipsRetrieve relationships of package objects
getSizeGet the Count of Objects in the Package
getTriplesGet the RDF relationships stored in the ResourceMap.
getValueGet values for selected DataPackage members.
hasAccessRuleDetermine if an access rules exists
insertRelationshipRecord relationships of objects in a DataPackage
parseRDFParse an RDF/XML resource map from a file.
parseSystemMetadataParse an external XML document and populate a SystemMetadata...
plotRelationshipsPlot derivation relationships obtained from getRelationships
recordDerivationRecord derivation relationships between objects in a...
removeAccessRuleRemove an access rule from the specified object.
removeMemberRemove the Specified Member from the Package
removeRelationshipsRemove relationships of objects in a DataPackage
replaceMemberReplace the raw data or file associated with a DataObject
ResourceMap-classResourceMap provides methods to create, serialize and...
ResourceMap-initializeInitialize a ResourceMap object.
selectMemberReturn identifiers for objects that match search criteria
serializePackageCreate an OAI-ORE resource map from the package
serializeRDFSerialize a ResouceMap.
serializeSystemMetadataSerialize a SystemMetadata object to an XML representation
serializeToBagItSerialize A DataPackage into a BagIt Archive File
setPublicAccessAdd a Rule to the AccessPolicy to make the object publicly...
setValueSet values for selected DataPackage members.
SystemMetadataCreate DataONE SystemMetadata object
SystemMetadata-classA DataONE SystemMetadata object containing basic...
SystemMetadata-initializeInitialize a DataONE SystemMetadata object with default...
updateMetadataUpdate selected elements of the XML content of a DataObject...
updateRelationshipsUpdate package relationships by replacing an old identifier...
updateXMLUpdate selected elements of the XML content of a DataObject
validateValidate a SystemMetadata object.
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