elastic: elastic: An Elasticsearch R client.

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elastic: An Elasticsearch R client.


This package gives you access to local or remote Elasticsearch databases.

Quick start

If you're connecting to a Elasticsearch server already running, skip ahead to Search

Install Elasticsearch (on OSX)

For help on other platforms, see https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/current/_installation.html

Start Elasticsearch


The function connect() is used before doing anything else to set the connection details to your remote or local elasticsearch store. The details created by connect() are written to your options for the current session, and are used by elastic functions.


The main way to search Elasticsearch is via the Search() function. E.g.:



Elasticsearch is insecure out of the box! If you are running Elasticsearch locally on your own machine without exposing a port to the outside world, no worries, but if you install on a server with a public IP address, take the necessary precautions. There are a few options:

Elasticsearch changes

As of Elasticsearch v2:

index names

The following are illegal characters, and can not be used in index names or types: \, /, *, ?, <, >, |, , (comma). double quote and whitespace are also illegal.


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