Man pages for ropensci/gistr
Work with 'GitHub' 'Gists'

browseOpen a gist on GitHub
commitsList gist commits
create_gistsCreate gists
deleteDelete a gist
embedGet embed script for a gist
filesAdd files to a gist object
forkFork a gist
forksList forks on a gist
gistGet a gist
gist_authAuthorize with GitHub.
gist_createCreate a gist
gist_create_gitCreate a gist via git instead of the GitHub Gists HTTP API
gist_create_objCreate a gist from an R object
gist_mapOpens a full screen map after uploading a geojson file
gistr-packageR client for GitHub gists
gistsList gists
gist_saveSave gist files to disk
pipePipe operator
rate_limitGet rate limit information
runRun a .Rmd file
starStar a gist
tablMake a table from gist or commit class or a list of either
updateUpdate/modify a gist
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