Man pages for ropensci/ijtiff
Comprehensive TIFF I/O with Full Support for 'ImageJ' TIFF Files

as_EBImageConvert an ijtiff_img to an EBImage::Image.
count_imgsCount the number of images in a TIFF file.
displayBasic image display.
get_tiff_tags_referenceTIFF tag reference.
ijtiff'ijtiff': TIFF I/O for _ImageJ_ users
ijtiff_img'ijtiff_img' class.
linescan-conversionRejig linescan images.
read_tagsRead TIFF tag information without actually reading the image...
read_tifRead an image stored in the TIFF format
text-image-ioRead/write an image array to/from disk as text file(s).
write_tifWrite images in TIFF format
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