Man pages for ropensci/lawn
Client for 'Turfjs' for 'Geospatial' Analysis

as_featureConvert a FeatureCollection to a Feature
as.featureCoerce character strings or JSON to GeoJSON Feature
as.turfCoerce to turf.js javascript function call
data-typesDescription of GeoJSON data types
georandomReturn a FeatureCollection with N number of features with...
lawn_aggregateCalculate a series of aggregations for a set of points within...
lawn_alongGet a point at a distance along a line
lawn_areaCalculate the area of a polygon or group of polygons
lawn_averageAverage of a field among points within polygons
lawn_bboxMake a bounding box from a polygon
lawn_bbox_polygonMake a polygon from a bounding box
lawn_bearingGet geographic bearing between two points
lawn_bezierCurve a linestring
lawn_boolean_clockwiseBoolean clockwise
lawn_boolean_containsBoolean contains
lawn_boolean_crossesBoolean crosses
lawn_boolean_disjointBoolean crosses
lawn_boolean_overlapBoolean overlap
lawn_boolean_pointonlineBoolean overlap
lawn_boolean_withinBoolean within
lawn_bufferBuffer a feature
lawn_centerGet center point
lawn_center_of_massCenter of mass
lawn_collectCollect method
lawn_collectionofEnforce expectations about types of FeatureCollection inputs
lawn_combineCombine singular features into plural versions
lawn_concaveConcave hull polygon
lawn_convexConvex hull polygon
lawn_coordallGet all coordinates from any GeoJSON object, returning an...
lawn_coordeachIterate over property objects in any GeoJSON object
lawn_countCount number of points within polygons
lawn_dataData for use in examples
lawn-defunctDefunct functions in 'lawn'
lawn_destinationCalculate destination point
lawn_deviationStandard deviation of a field among points within polygons
lawn_dissolveDissolves a FeatureCollection of polygons based on a...
lawn_distanceDistance between two points
lawn_envelopeCalculate envelope around features
lawn_explodeExplode vertices to points
lawn_extentGet a bounding box
lawn_featureCreate a Feature
lawn_featurecollectionCreate a FeatureCollection
lawn_featureeachIterate over features in any GeoJSON object
lawn_featureofEnforce expectations about types of Feature inputs
lawn_filterFilter a FeatureCollection by a given property and value
lawn_flipFlip x,y to y,x, and vice versa
lawn_geometrycollectionCreate a geometrycollection
lawn_geosjontypeEnforce expectations about types of GeoJSON objects.
lawn_getcoordUnwrap a coordinate from a Feature with a Point geometry, or...
lawn_hex_gridCreate a HexGrid
lawn_insideDoes a point reside inside a polygon
lawn_isolinesGenerate Isolines
lawn_jenksGet Jenks breaks
lawn_kinksGet points at all self-intersections of a polygon
lawn_line_distanceMeasure a linestring
lawn_line_offsetOffset a linestring
lawn_line_sliceSlice a line given two points
lawn_line_slice_alongSlice a line given two points
lawn_linestringCreate a linestring
lawn_maxMaximum value of a field among points within polygons
lawn_medianMedian value of a field among points within polygons
lawn_mergeMerge polygons
lawn_midpointGet a point midway between two points
lawn_minMinimum value of a field among points within polygons
lawn_multilinestringCreate a multilinestring
lawn_multipolygonCreate a multipolygon
lawn_nearestGet nearest point
lawn-packageR client for turf.js for geospatial analysis
lawn_planepointCalculate a Planepoint
lawn_pointCreate a point
lawn_point_gridCreate a PointGrid
lawn_point_on_lineGet closest point on linestring to reference point
lawn_point_on_surfaceGet a point on the surface of a feature
lawn_polygonCreate a polygon
lawn_polygonizePolygonizes multi-linestring's to polygons
lawn_propeachIterate over property objects in any GeoJSON object
lawn_pt2line_distanceMinimum distance between a point and a lineString
lawn_quantileCalculate quantiles
lawn_randomGenerate random data
lawn_reclassReclassify properties data
lawn_removeRemove things from a FeatureCollection
lawn_sampleReturn features from FeatureCollection at random
lawn_simplifySimplify GeoJSON data
lawn_sizeExpand a bounding box
lawn_squareCalculate a square bounding box
lawn_square_gridCreate a SquareGrid
lawn_sumSum of a field among points within polygons
lawn_tagSpatial join of points and polygons
lawn_tinCreate a Triangulated Irregular Network
lawn_transform_rotateRotate a GeoJSON feature
lawn_transform_scaleScale a GeoJSON feature
lawn_transform_translateTranslate a GeoJSON feature
lawn_triangle_gridCreate a TriangleGrid
lawn_unionMerge polygons
lawn_unkinkpolygonUnkink polygon
lawn_varianceVariance of a field among points within polygons
lawn_withinReturn points that fall within polygons
pipePipe operator
print-methodsLawn print methods to provide summary view
type_sumType summary
viewVisualize geojson
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