Man pages for ropensci/lingtypology
Linguistic Typology and Mapping

abvdABVD's Language identifiers
abvd.featureDownload ABVD data
afbo.featureDownload AfBo data
aff.langGet affiliation by language
area.langGet macro area by language
autotypAUTOTYP's Language identifiers
autotyp.featureDownload AUTOTYP data
circassianCircassian villages in Russia
countriesCatalogue of countries names.
country.langGet country by language
ejective_and_n_consonantsNumber of consonants and presence of ejectives
glottolog.modifiedCatalogue of languages of the world
glottolog.originalCatalogue of languages of the world
gltc.isoGet Glottocode by ISO 639-3 code
gltc.langGet Glottocode by language
is.glottologAre these languages in glottolog?
iso.gltcGet ISO 639-3 code by Glottocode
iso.langGet ISO 639-3 code by language
lang.affGet languages by affiliation
lang.countryGet languages by country
lang.gltcGet language by Glottocode
lang.isoGet language by ISO 639-3 code
lat.langGet latitude by language
long.langGet longitude by language
map.featureCreate a map
phoible.featureDownload PHOIBLE data
polygon.pointsGet kernel density estimation poligon from coordinates
sails.featureDownload SAILS data
url.langMake a url-link to glottolog page for a language
walsWALS's Language identifiers
wals.featureDownload WALS data
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