Man pages for ropensci/osfr
Interface to the 'Open Science Framework' ('OSF')

as_idExtract OSF identifiers
osf_authAuthenticate osfr with a personal access token
osf_cpCopy a file or directory
osf_createCreate a new project or component on OSF
osf_downloadDownload files and directories from OSF
osf_ls_filesList files and directories on OSF
osf_ls_nodesList projects or components on OSF
osf_mkdirCreate directories on OSF
osf_mvMove a file or directory
osf_openOpen on OSF
osf_refreshRefresh an OSF entity
osf_retrieveRetrieve an entity from OSF
osf_rmDelete an entity from OSF
osfr-packageosfr: R interface to OSF
osf_tblOSF Tibbles
osf_uploadUpload files to OSF
pipePipe operator
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