Man pages for ropensci/rWBclimate
A package for accessing World Bank climate data

Africa_basinBasin codes for Africa, used in downloading maps
Africa_countryCountry codes for all of Africa
Asia_basinBasin codes for Asia, used in downloading maps
Asia_countryCountry codes for all of Asia
check_ISO_codecheck country codes
check_locatorChecks for what kind of locator a user input
climate_mapMap climate data
codesisocodes data
create_map_dfCreate mapable dataframe
date_correctcorrect data values
download_kmlDownload kml files
Eur_basinBasin codes for Eur, used in downloading maps
Eur_countryCountry codes for all of Eur
get_data_recursivewratpper for get_climate_data()
get_ensemble_climate_dataDownload ensemble climate data
get_ensemble_data_recursiveWrapper for get_ensemble_climate_data()
get_ensemble_precipDownload ensemble precipitation data
get_ensemble_statsDownload ensemble statistics
get_ensemble_tempDownload ensemble temperature data
get_historical_dataDownload historical climate data
get_historical_data_recursiveDownload historical climate data recursively
get_historical_precipDownload historical precipitation data
get_historical_tempDownload historical temperature data
get_model_precipDownload GCM precipitation data
get_model_tempDownload GCM temperature data
kml_to_spConvert kml to polygon
NoAm_basinBasin codes for NoAm, used in downloading maps
NoAm_countryCountry codes for all of NoAm
Oceana_basinBasin codes for Oceana, used in downloading maps
Oceana_countryCountry codes for all of Oceana
SoAm_basinBasin codes for SoAm, used in downloading maps
SoAm_countryCountry codes for all of SoAm
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