Man pages for ropensci/rcrossref
Client for Various 'CrossRef' 'APIs'

as.tdmurl-defunctCoerce a url to a tdmurl with a specific type
cr_abstractGet abstract
cr_agencyCheck the DOI minting agency on one or more dois
cr_citation_countGet a citation count via CrossRef OpenURL
cr_citation-defunctThis function is defunct
cr_cnGet citations in various formats from CrossRef.
cr_ft_links-defunctGet full text links from a DOI
cr_ft_pdf-defunctGet full text pdf from a DOI
cr_ft_plain-defunctGet full text plain from a DOI
cr_ft_text-defunctGet full text from a DOI
cr_ft_xml-defunctGet full text xml from a DOI
cr_fundersSearch the CrossRef Fundref API
cr_journalsSearch CrossRef journals
cr_licensesSearch CrossRef licenses
cr_membersSearch CrossRef members
crosscite-defunctCrosscite - citation formatter
cr_prefixesSearch CrossRef prefixes
cr_rGet a random set of DOI's through CrossRef.
cr_search-defunctSearch the CrossRef Metatdata API.
cr_search_free-defunctSearch the CrossRef Metatdata for DOIs using free form...
cr_typesSearch CrossRef types
cr_worksSearch CrossRef works (articles)
extract_xpdf-defunctExtract text from a single pdf document.
filtersGet filter details and names.
GET_agency_idGet doi agency id to identify resource location
get_stylesGet list of styles from...
id_converterGet a PMID from a DOI, and vice versa.
pmid2doi-defunctGet a PMID from a DOI, and vice versa.
rcrossref-defunctDefunct functions in rcrossref
rcrossref-deprecatedDeprecated functions in rcrossref
rcrossref-packageR Client for Various CrossRef APIs.
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