Man pages for ropensci/rdhs
API Client and Dataset Management for the Demographic and Health Survey (DHS) Data

as_factor.labelledArchived dataset capable as_factor
authenticate_dhsDHS Website Authentication
available_datasetsCreate a data frame of datasets that your log in can download
client_cache_datePull last cache date
client_dhsMake a dhs client
collapse_api_responsescollapse API response list
data_and_labelsCreate list of dataset and its variable names
delabel_dfconvert labelled data frame to data frame of just characters
dhs_countriesAPI request of DHS Countries
dhs_dataAPI request of DHS Indicator Data
dhs_datasetsAPI request of DHS Datasets
dhs_data_updatesAPI request of DHS Data Updates
dhs_geometryAPI request of DHS Geometry
dhs_indicatorsAPI request of DHS Indicators
dhs_infoAPI request of DHS Info
dhs_publicationsAPI request of DHS Publications
dhs_survey_characteristicsAPI request of DHS Survey Characteristics
dhs_surveysAPI request of DHS Surveys
dhs_tagsAPI request of DHS Tags
dhs_ui_updatesAPI request of DHS UI Updates
download_datasetsCreate a data frame of datasets that your log in can download
extract_dhsExtract Data
extractionDHS survey questions extracted from datasets
factor_formatreformat haven and labelled read ins to have no factors or...
file_dataset_formatReturns what the dataset file ending should be for a given...
get_available_datasetsGet Available Datasets
get_datasetsGet Datasets
get_downloaded_datasetsGet Downloaded Datasets
get_labels_from_datasetReturn variable labels from a dataset
get_rdhs_configGet rdhs config
get_variable_labelsGet Survey Variable Labels
last_api_updatePull last DHS API database update time
model_datasetsDHS model datasets
parse_mapCreate dictionary from DHS .MAP codebook
parse_metaParse fixed-width file metadata
pipePipe operator
rbind_labelledCombine data frames with columns of class 'labelled'
rbind_list_baseimplementation of data.tables rbindlist
rdhs'rdhs' DHS database through R
read_dhs_datasetread in dhs standard file types
read_dhs_dtaRead DHS Stata data set
read_dhs_flatRead DHS flat file data set
read_zipdataRead filetype from a zipped folder based on the file ending
response_is_jsonchecks if the response is json or not by looking at the...
response_to_jsonconverts response to json by first converting the response to...
search_variable_labelsSearch Survey Variable Definitions
search_variablesSearch Survey Variables
set_rdhs_configSet rdhs config
unzip_specialunzip special that catches for 4GB+
update_rdhs_configUpdate your current rdhs config
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