Man pages for ropensci/rdryad
Access for Dryad Web Services

doi2handle-defunctGet a Dryad DOI from a handle, and vice versa
download_dryadmetadataDownload metadata for individual Dryad id's
download_urlDownload url
dryad_datasetGet datasets by DOI(s)
dryad_datasetsList datasets
dryad_dataset_versionsGet dataset versions by DOI(s)
dryad_fetch-defunctDownload Dryad files
dryad_filesGet metadata information about a file
dryad_files_downloadDownload a specific file
dryad_metadata-defunctDownload Dryad file metadata
dryad_package_dois-defunctGet file DOIs for a Dryad package DOI
getalldryad_metadataDownload metadata for all Dryad oai's for defined time period
oai-defunctDefunct OAI-PMH functions
rdryad-packageInterface to the Dryad Web services
search_dryadSearch metadata for search terms using regex
solr-defunctDefunct Solr functions
versionsGet a dataset version by version ID
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