Man pages for ropensci/reol
R Interface to the Encyclopedia of Life

CollectDataforWebCollect Data from EOL Pages for Website
DownloadEOLpagesDownload EOL Pages
DownloadHierarchyDownload Hierarchy Content From Contributors
DownloadSearchedTaxaDownload Page Content From EOL
FirstTwoGet Binomial Nomenclature
GatherDataObjectInformationData Object Information
GatherProviderDataFrameGather EOL Provider Information
GatherSynonymsGathers A List Of Taxonomic Synonyms
GetCommonNamesGather Common Name Information
GetHierIDGets Hierarchy page ID
GetIUCNStatGather IUCN Status for EOL Pages
GetReferencesGather EOL References
GetRichnessScoresGather EOL Richness Score Information
MakeEdgeLabelsCreates Edge Labels for Hierarchy Trees
MakeHierarchyTreeCreates Hierarchical Trees
MatchHierPageToEOLdataMatch Data Functions
OneFileHierarchyCreates A Taxonomic Hierarchy for a single Taxon
PageProcessingProcess XML Data into tree format
PingAPITest the working order of the EOL API
Reol-packageR interface to the Encyclopedia of Life.
TaxonChildrenGathers A List Of Taxonomic Parents and Offspring
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