Man pages for ropensci/rgauges
R client for the API

gs_clientsReturns an array of your API clients.
gs_contentGets top content for a gauge, paginated.
gs_enginesLists the browser engines and visits to them for a single...
gs_gauge_createCreates a new gauge.
gs_gauge_deletePermanently deletes a gauge.
gs_gauge_detailGets details for a gauge.
gs_gauge_listList your
gs_gauge_updateUpdates and returns a gauge with the updates applied.
gs_locationsInformation on locations
gs_meInformation on yourself.
gs_me_updateUpdates and returns your information with the updates...
gs_pageviewsGets top content for a gauge, paginated.
gs_refGets referrers for a gauge, paginated.
gs_resoInformation on screen/browser resolutions
gs_sharesLists the people that have access to a Gauge.
gs_techGets browsers and platforms for a gauge.
gs_termsGets search terms for a gauge, paginated.
gs_trafficTraffic on a gauges ID
is.gaugeCheck if object is of class gauge
parse_gauge_detailParse guage detail
vis_gaugePlot a class of gauge
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