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'NOAA' Weather Data from R

arc2Arc2 - Africa Rainfall Climatology version 2
argoGet Argo buoy data
autoplot.meteo_coverageautoplot method for meteo_coverage objects
bswBlended sea winds (BSW)
buoyGet NOAA buoy data from the National Buoy Data Center
cachingClear cached files
check_responseCheck response from NOAA, including status codes, server...
check_response_swdiCheck response from NOAA SWDI service, including status...
coopsGet NOAA co-ops data
cpc_prcpPrecipitation data from NOAA Climate Prediction Center (CPC)
deg2radConvert from degrees to radians
erddap_clear_cache-defunctThis function is defunct.
erddap_data-defunctThis function is defunct.
erddap_datasets-defunctThis function is defunct.
erddap_grid-defunctThis function is defunct.
erddap_info-defunctThis function is defunct.
erddap_search-defunctThis function is defunct.
erddap_table-defunctThis function is defunct.
ersstNOAA Extended Reconstructed Sea Surface Temperature (ERSST)...
fipscodesFIPS codes for US states.
gefsGet GEFS ensemble forecast data for a specific lat/lon.
ghcndGet all GHCND data from a single weather site
ghcnd_searchGet a cleaned version of GHCND data from a single weather...
ghcnd_splitvarsSplit variables in data returned from 'ghcnd'
ghcnd_statesGet meta-data on the GHCND daily data
ghcnd_stationsGet information on the GHCND weather stations
homrHistorical Observing Metadata Repository (HOMR) station...
homr_definitionsHistorical Observing Metadata Repository (HOMR) station...
isdGet and parse NOAA ISD/ISH data
isd_readRead NOAA ISD/ISH local file
isd_stationsGet NOAA ISD/ISH station data from NOAA FTP server.
isd_stations_searchSearch for NOAA ISD/ISH station data from NOAA FTP server.
is.ncdc_dataCheck object class
lcdLocal Climitalogical Data from NOAA
meteo_clear_cacheClear _meteo_ cached files
meteo_coverageDetermine the "coverage" for a station data frame
meteo_distanceFind all monitors within a radius of a location
meteo_nearby_stationsFind weather monitors near locations
meteo_process_geographic_dataCalculate the distances between a location and all available...
meteo_pull_monitorsPull GHCND weather data for multiple weather monitors
meteo_show_cacheShow the _meteo_ cache directory
meteo_spherical_distanceCalculate the distance between two locations
meteo_tidy_ghcndCreate a tidy GHCND dataset from a single monitor
meteo_tidy_ghcnd_elementRestructure element of ghcnd_search list
ncdcSearch for and get NOAA NCDC data
ncdc_combineCoerce multiple outputs to a single data.frame object.
ncdc_datacatsGet possible data categories for a particular datasetid,...
ncdc_datasetsSearch NOAA datasets
ncdc_datatypesGet possible data types for a particular dataset
ncdc_leg_data-defunctThis function is defunct.
ncdc_leg_site_info-defunctThis function is defunct.
ncdc_leg_sites-defunctThis function is defunct.
ncdc_leg_variables-defunctThis function is defunct.
ncdc_locsGet metadata about NOAA NCDC locations.
ncdc_locs_catsGet metadata about NOAA location categories.
ncdc_plotPlot NOAA climate data.
ncdc_stationsGet metadata about NOAA NCDC stations.
ncdc_themeTheme for plotting NOAA data
noaa_combine-defunctThis function is defunct.
noaa_datacats-defunctThis function is defunct.
noaa_datasets-defunctThis function is defunct.
noaa_datatypes-defunctThis function is defunct.
noaa-defunctThis function is defunct.
noaa_locs_cats-defunctThis function is defunct.
noaa_locs-defunctThis function is defunct.
noaa_plot-defunctThis function is defunct.
noaa_seaice-defunctThis function is defunct.
noaa_stations-defunctThis function is defunct.
readshpfileFunction to read shapefiles
rnoaa-defunctDefunct functions in rnoaa
seaiceGet sea ice data.
seaiceeurlsMake all urls for sea ice data
storm_columnsNOAA storm column descriptions for data from IBTrACS
storm_eventsNOAA Storm Events data
storm_namesNOAA storm names from IBTrACS
stormsGet NOAA wind storm tabular data, metadata, or shp files from...
swdiGet NOAA data for the severe weather data inventory (swdi).
theme_iceggplot2 map theme
tornadoesGet NOAA tornado data.
type_summType summary
vis_missVisualize missingness in a dataframe
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