Man pages for ropensci/rromeo
Access Publisher Copyright & Self-Archiving Policies via the 'SHERPA/RoMEO' API

check_keyCheck SHERPA/RoMEO API key
parse_embargoParse embargo period from API return
parse_genericGeneric parsing function
parse_journalParse API answer
parse_publisherParse publisher list
rr_api_versionReturn SHERPA/RoMEO API version
rr_authStore provided API key into Environment Variable
rr_GETrromeo internal GET function
rr_journal_findFind if journals are available in SHERPA/RoMEO
rr_journal_issnRetrieve journal policy using ISSN
rr_journal_nameRetrieve journals policies by matching title
rromeo-packagerromeo: Access Publisher Copyright & Self-Archiving Policies...
rr_publisher_allGet all Publisher Policies
rr_publisher_continentGet Publisher Policy by Publisher's Continent
rr_publisher_countryGet Publisher Policy by Publisher's Country
rr_publisher_idGet Publisher Policy from Publisher ID
rr_publisher_nameGet Publisher Policy by Publisher Name
rr_romeo_colourQuery publisher by RoMEO colour
rr_uarromeo User Agent
validate_country_codeValidate ISO two-letters country code
validate_issnChecks validity of the ISSN
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