Man pages for ropensci/rvertnet
Search 'Vertnet', a 'Database' of Vertebrate Specimen Records

bigsearchRequest to download a large number of VertNet records.
dump-defunctThese functions are defunct
rvertnet-defunctDefunct functions in rvertnet
rvertnet-packageSearch VertNet archives using R
searchbytermSearch by term
spatialsearchFind records within some distance of a point given latitude...
traitsearchTrait focused search
vertavailablemaps-defunctThis function is defunct.
vert_idSearch by Vertnet occurrence ID
vertlocations-defunctThis function is defunct.
vertmapMake a simple map to visualize VertNet data.
vertoccurrencecount-defunctThis function is defunct.
vertoccurrence-defunctThis function is defunct.
vertproviders-defunctThis function is defunct.
vertsearchFind records using a global full-text search of VertNet...
vertsummarySummarize a set of records downloaded from VertNet.
verttaxa-defunctThis function is defunct.
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