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Sustainable Transport Planning

angle_diffCalculate the angular difference between lines and a...
api_patRetrieve personal access token.
as_sf_funConvert functions support sf/sp
bbox_scaleScale a bounding box
buff_geoCreate a buffer of n metres for non-projected 'geographical'...
calc_catchmentCalculate catchment area and associated summary statistics.
calc_catchment_sumCalculate summary statistics for catchment area.
calc_moving_catchmentCalculate summary statistics for all features independently.
calc_network_catchmentCalculate catchment area and associated summary statistics...
ca_localSpatialPointsDataFrame representing road traffic deaths
centsSpatial points representing home locations
crs_select_aeqSelect a custom projected CRS for the area of interest
decode_glDecode Google polyline compressed string
destination_zonesexample destinations data
dist_googleReturn travel network distances and time using the Google...
dl_stats19Download Stats19 data
find_network_nodesFind graph node ID of closest node to given coordinates
flowdata frame of commuter flows
flow_destsdata frame of invented commuter flows with destinations in a...
flowlinesspatial lines dataset of commuter flows
format_stats19_acFormat UK 'Stats19' road traffic casualty data
format_stats19_caFormat UK 'Stats19' road traffic casualty data
format_stats19_veFormat UK 'Stats19' road traffic casualty data
gclipCrops spatial object x to the bounding box of spatial object...
geo_bbFlexible function to generate bounding boxes
geo_bb_matrixCreate matrix representing the spatial bounds of an object
geo_bufferPerform a buffer operation on a temporary projected CRS
geo_codeConvert text strings into points on the map
geo_lengthCalculate line length of line with geographic or projected...
geo_projectedPerform GIS functions on a temporary, projected version of a...
geo_select_aeqSelect a custom projected CRS for the area of interest
geo_toptailClip the first and last n metres of SpatialLines
gsectionFunction to split overlapping SpatialLines into segments
gtfs2sldfImport GTFS shapes and route data to SpatialLinesDataFrame.
is_linepointIdentify lines that are points
islinesDo the intersections between two geometries create lines?
line2dfConvert geographic line objects to a data.frame with from and...
line2routeConvert straight OD data (desire lines) into routes
line2routeRetryConvert straight SpatialLinesDataFrame from flow data into...
line_bearingFind the bearing of straight lines
lineLabelsLabel SpatialLinesDataFrame objects
line_lengthCalculate length of lines in geographic CRS
line_matchMatch two sets of lines based on similarity
line_midpointFind the mid-point of lines
line_sampleSample n points along lines with density proportional to a...
line_segmentDivide SpatialLines dataset into regular segments
line_to_pointsConvert a SpatialLinesDataFrame to points The number of...
line_viaAdd geometry columns representing a route via intermediary...
locate2spdfReturn SpatialPointsDataFrame with located points from OSRM...
l_polyLine polygon
mapshapeSimplify geometry of spatial objects with the mapshaper...
mapshape_availableDoes the computer have mapshaper available?
mats2lineConvert 2 matrices to lines
nearest2spdfReturn SpatialPointsDataFrame with nearest street from OSRM...
nearest_cyclestreetsGenerate nearest point on the route network of a point using...
nearest_googleGenerate nearest point on the route network of a point using...
nearest_osmGenerate nearest point on the route network of a point from...
n_sample_lengthSample integer number from given continuous vector of line...
n_verticesRetrieve the number of vertices from a SpatialLines or...
od2lineConvert flow data to SpatialLinesDataFrame
od2odfExtract coordinates from OD data
od_aggregateAggregate OD data between polygon geometries
od_coordsGeneral function to create a matrix representing origins and...
od_distQuickly calculate Euclidean distances of od pairs
od_id_orderGenerate ordered ids of OD pairs so lowest is always first
od_radiationFunction that estimates flow between points or zones using...
onewaygeoAggregate flows so they become non-directional (by geometry -...
onewayidAggregate ods so they become non-directional
overlineConvert series of overlapping lines into a route network
pipePipe operator
plot-sfNetwork-ANY-methodPlot an sfNetwork
plot-SpatialLinesNetwork-ANY-methodPlot a SpatialLinesNetwork
points2flowConvert a series of points into geographical flows
points2lineConvert a series of points, or a matrix of coordinates, into...
points2odfConvert a series of points into a dataframe of origins and...
quadrantSplit a spatial object into quadrants
read_stats19_acImport and format UK 'Stats19' road traffic casualty data
read_stats19_caImport and format UK 'Stats19' road traffic casualty data
read_stats19_veImport and format UK 'Stats19' road traffic casualty data
read_table_builderImport and format Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)...
reprojectReproject lat/long spatial object so that they are in units...
routePlan routes on the transport network
route_cyclestreetPlan a single route with
route_graphhopperPlan a route with the graphhopper routing engine
route_localPlan a route with local data
route_networkspatial lines dataset representing a route network
route_osrmPlan a route with OSRM
routes_fastspatial lines dataset of commuter flows on the travel network
routes_slowspatial lines dataset of commuter flows on the travel network
route_transportapi_publicPlan a single route with
sfNetwork-classAn S4 class representing a (typically) transport network
sln2pointsGenerate spatial points representing nodes on a...
sp_aggregateAggregate SpatialPolygonsDataFrame to new geometry.
SpatialLinesNetworkCreate object of class SpatialLinesNetwork or sfNetwork
SpatialLinesNetwork-classAn S4 class representing a (typically) transport network
stplanr-package*stplanr: Sustainable Transport Planning with R*
summary-sfNetwork-methodPrint a summary of a sfNetwork
summary-SpatialLinesNetwork-methodPrint a summary of a SpatialLinesNetwork
sum_network_linksSummarise links from shortest paths data
sum_network_routesSummarise shortest path between nodes on network
table2matrixReturn Matrix containing travel times between origins and...
toptail_buffClip the beginning and ends SpatialLines to the edge of...
toptailgsClip the first and last n metres of SpatialLines
update_line_geometryUpdate line geometry
viarouteQuery OSRM service and return json string result
viaroute2sldfConvert json result of OSRM routing query to...
weightfieldGet or set weight field in SpatialLinesNetwork
writeGeoJSONWrite to geojson easily
zonesSpatial polygons of home locations for flow analysis.
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