Man pages for ropensci/taxizesoap
Taxonomic Information from Around the Soap Web

children_sRetrieve immediate children taxa for a given taxon name or...
classification_sRetrieve the taxonomic hierarchy for a given taxon ID.
comm2sci_sGet scientific names from common names.
get_ids_sRetrieve taxonomic identifiers for a given taxon name.
get_pesiidGet the PESI id for a search term.
get_wormsidGet the WoRMS id for a search term.
myco_searchSearch Mycobank
pesiSearch Pan-European Species directories Infrastructure (PESI)
pesi_distributionsGet PESI distributions from GUIDs
pesi_gen_ifaceGenerate PESI function interface.
pesi_guidGet PESI GUID from scientific names
pesi_ifaceStored PESI SOAP API interface.
pesi_name_commonGet PESI common (vernacular) names from GUIDs
pesi_name_scientificGet PESI scientific names from GUIDs
pesi_recordsGet PESI records from scientific names, common names, or...
pesi_searchSearch for PESI scientific names and associated metadata.
pesi_synonymsGet PESI synonyms from GUIDs
sci2comm_sGet common names from scientific names.
synonyms_sRetrieve synonyms from various sources given input taxonomic...
taxizesoap-packageTaxnomic search and phylogeny retrieval for SOAP data...
wormsSearch World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS)
worms_childrenChildren search of WoRMS data
worms_commonCommon names from WoRMS ID
worms_extidGet external ID from Worms ID
worms_gen_ifaceGenerate WORMS function interface.
worms_get_fxnget function from ssoap defintion
worms_hierarchyHierarchy search
worms_ifaceStored WoRMS SOAP API interface.
worms_nameGet name from a WORMS id
worms_recordsGet records by ID, scientific name, common name, date, worms...
worms_sourcesGet sources/references by ID
worms_synonymsSynonyms search of WoRMS data.
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