Man pages for ropensci/wateRinfo
Download Time Series Data from

air_pressureAir pressure data of January 1st, 2017
call_waterinfohttp call to
check_date_formatCheck if the date can be parsed to a datetime object in R
check_period_formatCheck period string format
get_stationsGet list of stations for a variable
get_timeseries_tsidDownload timeseries data from
get_tokenGet waterinfo Token
get_variablesGet list of variables for a given station
isdatetimeCheck if the string input can be converted to a date,...
is_supported_variableCheck if variable is supported by VMM ts group id
liedekerkeSoil moisture data of Liedekerke, January 2017
parse_periodCheck the from/to/period arguments
print.waterinfo_apiCustom print function of the API request response
resolve_datasourceDefine the datasource using the station number
resolve_timeseriesgroupidGet timeseriesgroupID for a supported variable
supported_frequenciesVMM supported timeseriesgroups frequencies
supported_variablesVMM supported timeseriesgroups variables
wateRinfo-packagewateRinfo: Download Time Series Data from
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