Man pages for ropensci/wellknown
Convert Between 'WKT' and 'GeoJSON'

as_featurecollectionAs featurecollection
as_jsonConvert geojson R list to JSON
circularstringMake WKT circularstring objects
geojson2wktConvert GeoJSON-like objects to WKT
geometrycollectionMake WKT geometrycollection objects
get_centroidGet a centroid from WKT or geojson
linestringMake WKT linestring objects
lintValidate WKT strings
multilinestringMake WKT multilinestring objects
multipointMake WKT multipoint objects
multipolygonMake WKT multipolygon objects
pointMake WKT point objects
polygonMake WKT polygon objects
propertiesAdd properties to a GeoJSON object
us_citiesThis is the same data set from the maps library, named...
wellknown-packageWKT to GeoJSON and vice versa
wkbConvert WKT to WKB
wkt2geojsonConvert WKT to GeoJSON-like objects.
wktviewVisualize geojson from a character string or list
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