Man pages for ropensci/worrms
World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS) Client

wm_attr_aphiaGet AphiaIDs by attribute definition ID
wm_attr_categoryGet attributes grouped by a CategoryID
wm_attr_dataGet attribute data by AphiaID
wm_attr_defGet attribute definition by ID
wm_childrenGet children for an AphiaID
wm_classificationGet classification for an AphiaID
wm_common_idGet vernacular names from an AphiaID
wm_distributionGet distribution data by AphiaID
wm_externalGet an external ID via an AphiaID
wm_id2nameGet taxonomic name for an AphiaID
wm_name2idGet AphiaID from a taxonomic name
wm_recordGet complete AphiaRecord for an AphiaID
wm_record_by_externalGet record by external ID
wm_records_commonGet records by vernacular name, optional fuzzy matching
wm_records_dateGet records by date
wm_records_nameGet records by single name, optional fuzzy matching
wm_records_namesGet records for onen or more taxonomic name(s)
wm_records_taxamatchGet records for onen or more taxonomic name(s) using the...
wm_sourcesGet sources for an AphiaID
wm_synonymsGet synonyms for an AphiaID
worrms-packageWorld Register of Marine Species Client
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