Man pages for ropenscilabs/craft
Extra Functions to Control Minecraft with RaspberryJuice API

cubeMake a cube
de_elsafyGive a player reverse Elsa powers
elsafyGive a player Elsa powers
font_setsFont set data
getHeadingGet player heading
initHeadingSet player heading to match the direction the player is...
lookForwardCheck the block type (if any) ahead of the player
mc_clearplotClear scatterplot
mc_mazeGenerates a maze in front of a player
mc_mazerPoll the chat window for maze generator commands and spawn...
mc_plotScatterplot within Minecraft
mc_RevalEvaluate R within Minecraft
mc_whoamiListen for "Who am I"
moveForwardMove the player in the direction of the player heading
setHeadingSet player heading
sphereMake a sphere
turnLeftRotate the player heading to the left
write_textWrite text in minecraft
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