Man pages for ropenscilabs/gtfsr
Working with GTFS (General Transit Feed Specification) feeds in R

clear_api_keyClear the API key.
filter_feedlistFilter a feedlist to include only valid urls (ending in .zip...
get_api_keyGet API key
get_feedDownload a zipped GTFS feed file from a url
get_feedlistGet list of all available feeds from transitfeeds API
get_routes_sldfGet shapes spatial data for given route ids
gtfs_objExample GTFS data
gtfsr-packageA package for plotting GTFS data.
has_api_keyMake sure API key string is not empty
import_gtfsGet a Dataframes of GTFS data.
map_gtfsGeneral mapping function. Specify a map type and/or a route...
map_gtfs_stopmap a single stop
routes_df_as_sfGet a 'sf' dataframe for gtfs routes
set_api_keySet API key for recall
shape_route_serviceJoin the shapes, trips and routes tables together - also...
shapes_df_as_sfgreturn an sf multilinestring with lat and long from gtfs for...
stops_df_as_sfGet a 'sf' dataframe for gtfs stops
unzip_gtfs_filesUnzip GTFS file and delete zip
validate_gtfs_structureCreate validation list for a gtfs_obj. It provides an...
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