Man pages for ropenscilabs/keybase
Tools to Work with the 'Keybase' 'API'

kb_cmdExecute a keybase command-line command
kb_discoverCheck Keybase membership and retrieve basic user info
kb_encrypt_fileEncrypt/decrypt a file
kb_encrypt_msgEncrypt/decrypt a message
kb_file_existsSee if a file exists
kbfs_errorsRetrieve KBFS error log
kbfs_metricsRetrieve KBFS performance metrics
kb_get_public_keysRetrive the public key(s) for a given user
kb_list_filesList directory path contents in a Keybase user's public...
kb_lookupRetrieve info on Keybase user(s)
kb_raw_urlTurn a user + path into a Keybase "raw" URL
kb_read_fileRead a resource (file) from a Keybase public folder
kb_read_rdsShare RDS files with other Keybase users
kb_whoamiWho does Keybase think you are?
keybaseTools to Work with the 'Keybase' 'API'
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