Man pages for ropenscilabs/mregions
Marine Regions Data from ''

mr_as_wktConvert data to WKT
mregions-packageMarine regions data from Marineregions
mr_features_getGet features
mr_geo_codeGeocode with Marineregions
mr_geojsonGet a Marineregions geojson file
mr_layerslist layers
mr_namesGet region names - v2
mr_names_searchSearch for region names
mr_obis_eez_idGet OBIS EEZ id
mr_place_relationsRelated records
mr_place_typesGet Marineregions place types
mr_records_by_typeGet Marineregions records by place type
mr_rev_geo_codeReverse Geocode with Marineregions
mr_shpGet a region shp file
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