Man pages for ropenscilabs/realtime
Realtime data visaulization

arcDraw an Arc
backgroundSet the canvas bachground color
betweenMake a between sketch
bind_sketchesCombine multiple sketches together
createCanvasSet the dimensions of the sketch canvas
drawMake a draw sketch
ellipseDraw an Ellipse
fillSet shape color
jsAdd Javascript to any part of a sketch
lineDraw a Line
liveplotLive plot
liveplotshinyWrapper functions for 'liveplot' in 'shiny'
noFillDisable shape color
noLoopStop draw() from looping.
noStrokeTurn off shape outlines
p5Create a p5 sketch
pipePipe operator
postMake a post sketch
preMake a pre sketch
rectDraw a Rectangle
setupMake a setup sketch
sketchCreate a sketch from multiple parts
strokeSet the color used to draw lines around shapes
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