Man pages for ropenscilabs/scrubr
Clean Biological Occurrence Records

bot_searchHarvard botanist index functions
collectorsCollector based cleaning
coordsCoordinate based cleaning
dateDate based cleaning
dedupDeduplicate records
dframeCompact data.frame
fix_namesChange taxonomic names to be the same for each taxon
pipePipe operator
sample_data_1Sample data.frame 1
sample_data_2Sample data.frame number 2
sample_data_3Sample data.frame number 3
sample_data_4Sample data.frame number 4
sample_data_5Sample data.frame number 5
sample_data_6Sample data.frame number 6
sample_data_7Sample data.frame number 7
scrubr_datasetsscrubr datasets
scrubr-packagescrubr - Clean biological occurrence data
taxonomyTaxonomy based cleaning
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