Man pages for ropenscilabs/trackmd
RStudio Addin for Tracking Document Changes

applyChangesReplace user's file with diff markup
checkTmpPathFix problems with temp dir path
diff_to_markupCreate track changes diff
getSesValuesParse SES strings
helloHello, World!
initializeChangesInitialize track changes tmp dir
makeBuildScriptMake an R script to render changes
refreshDiffCreate a HTML of the diff
render_changesRender changes as HTML
render_html_addFormat text as an addition
render_html_commentFormat text as a comment
render_html_deleteFormat text as a deletion
render_html_highlightFormat text as a substitution
render_html_substitutionFormat text as a substitution
trackAddTracking an addition
trackChangesStart tracking changes on a file
trackChangesViewerEdit and track changes within markdown
trackCommentInsert a comment
trackDeleteTracking a deletion
trackHighlightTracking highlighting
trackSubstituteTracking a substitution
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