Man pages for ropenscilabs/travis
Set Up 'Travis' for Testing and Deployment

auth_githubAuthenticate with GitHub
auth_travisAuthenticate with Travis CI
github_add_keyAdd a deploy key to GitHub
github_create_patCreate a GitHub PAT
github_create_repoCreate a repository on GitHub
github_infoGithub information
travis_enableActivate Travis CI
travis_get_buildsTravis CI builds
travis_get_cachesGet/delete repository cache(s) from Travis CI
travis_get_varsTravis CI variables
travis-packagetravis: Set Up 'Travis' for Testing and Deployment
travis_repo_infoGet repository information from Travis CI
travis_reposRetrieve meta information from Travis CI
travis_set_patSet the GITHUB_PAT variable on Travis
travis_syncTravis CI utilities
use_ticGetting tic testing up and running
use_travis_deploySetup deployment for Travis CI
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