Man pages for ropenscilabs/vcr
Record 'HTTP' Calls to Disk

as.cassetteCoerce names, etc. to cassettes
CassetteCassette handler
cassettesList cassettes, get current cassette, etc.
crul_requestAn HTTP request as prepared by the 'crul' package
eject_cassetteEject a cassette
FileSystemFile system persister
HooksHooks class
HTTPInteractionHTTPInteraction class
HTTPInteractionListHTTPInteractionList class
http_interactionsGet the http interactions of the current cassette
insert_cassetteInsert a cassette to record HTTP requests
lightswitchTurn vcr on and off, check on/off status, and turn off for a...
NullListNull list, an empty HTTPInteractionList object
PersistersKeeps track of the cassette persisters in a hash-like object
real_http_connections_allowedAre real http connections allowed?
recordingvcr recording options
RequestThe request of an HTTPInteraction
RequestHandlerCrulRequestHandlerCrul - methods for crul package
RequestHandlerHttrRequestHandlerHttr - methods for httr package
RequestIgnorerRequest ignorer
RequestMatcherRegistryRequestMatcherRegistry class
request-matchingvcr request matching
request_responserequest and response summary methods
SerializersKeeps track of the cassette serializers in a hash-like object
testingUsing 'vcr' for unit testing
use_cassetteUse a cassette
use_vcrSetup vcr for a package
vcrvcr: Record HTTP Calls to Disk
vcr_loggingvcr log file setup
VcrResponseThe response of an HTTPInteraction
YAMLThe YAML serializer
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