Man pages for rpatin/segtools
Bivariate Segmentation/Clustering Methods and Tools

add_covariatesCovariate Calculations
angular_speedCalculate angular speed along a path
augmentGeneric function for augment
bisig_plotbisig_plot draws the plots of the bivaraite signal on the...
calc_BICCalculate BIC
calc_distCalculate distance between locations
calc_speedCalculate speed along a path
calc_stat_statesCalculate state statistics
check_repetitionCheck for repetition in the series
choose_kmaxFinding best segmentation with a different treshold S
chooseseg_lavielleInternal Function for choosing optimal number of segment
DynProgDynProg computes the change points given a cost matrix matD...
EM.algo_simultaneeEM.algo_simultanee caculates the MLE of phi for given...
EM.algo_simultanee_CppEM.algo_simultanee caculates the MLE of phi for given...
EM.init_simultaneeEM.init_simultanee proposes an inial value for the EM...
Estep_simultaneeEstep_simultanee computes posterior probabilities and...
find_mu_sdFind mean and standard deviation of segments
Gmean_simultaneeGmean_simultanee calculates the cost matrix for a...
Gmixt_simultaneeGmixt_simultanee calculates the cost matrix for a...
hybrid_simultanee'hybrid_simultanee' performs a simultaneous seg - clustering...
initialisePhiinitialisePhi is the constructor for a set of parameters for...
likelihoodGeneric function for likelihood
map_segm'plot_segm' plot segmented traject on a map.
matrixRuptmatrixRupt transforms a vector of change point into a...
Mstep_simultaneeMstep_simultanee computes the MLE within the EM framework
Mstep_simultanee_cppMstep_simultanee computes the MLE within the EM framework
neighborsbisneighbors tests whether neighbors of point k,P can be used to...
plot_segmPlot segmentation on time-serie
plot_statesPlot states statistics
prepare_HMMPrepare HMM output for proper comparison plots
prepare_shiftfitPrepare shiftfit output for proper comparison plots
prep_segmFind segment and states for a Picard model
prep_segm_HMMInternal function for HMM
prep_segm_shiftfitInternal function for HMM
relabel_statesRelabel states of a segmentation/clustering output
repmatrepmap repeats a matrix
ruptAsMatruptAsMat is an internal function to transform a vector...
segclustSegmentation/Clustering of movement data - Generic function
segclust2dsegclust2d: tools for segmentation of animal GPS movement...
segclust_internalInternal segmentation/clustering function
segmap_list'segmap_list' create maps with a list of object of...
segmentationSegmentation of movement data - Generic function
segmentation-classsegmentation class description
segmentation_internalInternal segmentation function
simulmodeSimulations of behavioural mode
simulshiftSimulations of home-range shift
spatial_angleCalculate spatial angle along a path
stat_segmCalculate statistics on a given segmentation
stat_segm_HMMGet segment statistic for HMM model
stat_segm_shiftfitGet segment statistic for shiftfit model
subsampleInternal function for subsampling
subsample_renameInternal function for subsampling
test_dataTest function generating fake data
wrap_dynprog_cppDynProg RCpp DynProg computes the change points given a cost...
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