Man pages for rpodcast/shinylego
Shiny application for creating LEGO mosiacs

columnsColumns 12, 6 and 4
displayHide or display a tag
enurlCreate an url
lego_colorsLEGO colors and their R, G, and B values
listsTurn an R list into an HTML list
made_devFunctions already made dev devependant
make_devMake a function dependent to dev mode
mod_display_imageuimod_display_imageui and mod_display_image
mod_display_instructionsuimod_display_instructionsui and mod_display_instructions
mod_display_lego_2duimod_display_lego_2dui and mod_display_lego_2d
mod_display_piecesuimod_display_piecesui and mod_display_pieces
mod_instructionsuimod_instructionsui and mod_instructions
mod_mosaic_metricsuimod_mosaic_metricsui and mod_mosaic_metrics
mod_scale_imageuimod_scale_imageui and mod_scale_image
mod_table_piecesuimod_table_piecesui and mod_table_pieces
mod_upload_graphicuimod_upload_graphicui and mod_upload_graphic
pipePipe operator
price_dataLEGO brick price data
prodIs the app in dev mode or prof mode?
rep_brRepeat tags$br
run_apprun the Shiny Application
tagRemoveAttributesRemove a tag attribute
with_red_starAdd a red star at the end of the text
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