Man pages for rpruim/fastR
Foundations and Applications of Statistics Using R (2nd Edition)

ACTgpaACT scores and GPA
AirlineArrivalAirline On-Time Arrival Data
AirPollutionAir pollution measurements
BallDropBall dropping data
BattingMajor League Batting 2000-2005
col.fastRLattice Theme
col.percRow and Column Percentages
ConcreteConcrete Compressive Strength Data
CoolingWaterCooling Water
CornCorn Yield
CuckooCuckoo eggs in other birds' nests
DeathPenaltyDeath Penalty and Race
DragDrag force experiment
EnduranceEndurance and vitamin C
FamilySmokingFamily smoking
fastR-packageFoundations and Applications of Statistics
FumblesNCAA football fumbles
FUSIONFUSION type 2 diabetes study
geolmGeometric representation of linear model
givenOrderCreate ordered factor with order inferred from order given
golfballsGolf ball numbers
GoosePermitsGoose permits
GPAGPA, ACT, and SAT scores
HeliumFootballsPunting helium- and air-filled footballs
IceCooling muscles with ice
InflationInflation data
Jordan8687Michael Jordan personal scoring
KidsGoals and popularity factors for school kids
LittleSurveyResults from a little survey
MathNoiseTest performance and noise
maxLik2Augmented version of maxLik
MIAA05MIAA basketball 2004-2005 season
MLB2004Major League Baseball 2004 team data
NCAAbbNCAA Division I Basketball Results
NFL2007NFL 2007 season
nlmaxNonlinear maximization and minimization
PalletsPallet repair data
PaperPlanesPaper airplanes
PendulumPendulum data
PetStressPets and stress
PigsPass the Pigs
Pitching2005Major League Baseball 2005 pitching
plot.maxLik2plot method for augment maxLik objects
PoisonPoison data
PuntingAmerican football punting
RatPoisonRat poison - unfinished documentation
rgolfballsSimulated golf ball data
RubberBandRubber band launching - unfinished documentation
ScentMaze tracing and scents
snippetDisplay or execute a snippet of R code
SoapDwindling soap
SpheresMeasuring spheres
SSplotSum of Squares Plots
StepStepping experiment
StereogramStereogram fusion
StudentsStandardized test scores and GPAs
TasteTestTaste test data
tdfCompute degrees of freedom for a 2-sample t-test
TireWearEstimating tire wear
TrafficNew England traffic fatalities (1951-1959)
TrebuchetTrebuchet data
undocumentedUndocumented functions
UnemploymentUnemployment data
vaovANOVA vectors
wilson.ciConfidence Intervals for Proportions
WorkingWomenWomen in the workforce
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