Man pages for rscherrer/sagreicolor

add_matricesMatrix addition
add_spacesAdd spaces between words in labels
calc_expvarExplained variance of a principal component
check_multinormTest multivariate normality across groups
check_normalityTest normality across groups
check_spatialcorrTest spatial autocorrelation of the residuals
check_spatialcorr_nestedTest spatial autocorrelation of the residuals within islands
check_variancesTest homoscedasticity of the residuals across groups
cumulate_confusion_matricesCumulative confusion matrices
dewlap_anovaMultiple analyses of variance (ANOVA)
dewlap_biplotDewlap color space biplot
dewlap_dfaDiscriminant Function Analysis (DFA) of dewlap color
dewlap_dfa_globalGlobal Discriminant Function Analysis (DFA) of dewlap color
dewlap_glsFit and analyze generalized least squares models
dewlap_kruskalPerform Kruskal Wallis test on each island
dewlap_manovaMultivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA) of dewlap color
dewlap_neuralHabitat classification with neural networks
dewlap_neural_nestedHabitat classification with neural networks per island
dewlap_permanovaPermutational multivariate analysis of variance (PERMANOVA)...
df2rspecConvert to 'rspec' with transposition
do_boxplotsBoxplot of color metrics across islands and habitats
install_dependenciesInstall dependencies of the package
linearizeSmooth reflectance artifacts
make_datasetMake spectral dataset
matrix_contrastsMatrix of contrast weights
plot_color_spacePlot color in PC space
plot_confusion_matricesPlot neural network confusion matrices
plot_eigenvaluesPCA eigenvalues
plot_heatmapPlot correlation between variables
plot_neural_importancePlot importance of variables in discriminating between...
plot_neural_pvaluesPlot neural network classification
plot_neural_spectrumPlot importance of wavelengths in discriminating between...
plot_neural_successPlot neural network classification
plot_pc1_brightnessPlot PC1 against mean reflectance
plot_residualsPlot residuals of dewlap color
process_spectraProcess reflectance spectra
save_svm_resultsSave SVM output
show_locationsShow geographical coordinates
show_svm_paramsShow SVM parameters
spectral_pcaPrincipal Component Analysis of dewlap reflectance
subset_habitatsSubset of the spectral dataset
test_contrastsTest (multiple) univariate contrasts
test_multiContrastsTest multivariate contrasts
write_outputSave output
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