Man pages for rstats-db/RSQLite
'SQLite' Interface for R

datasetsDbA sample sqlite database
dbBeginTransactionGeneric for creating a new transaction
dbGetInfoGet metadata about a database object
dbReadTable-SQLiteConnection-character-methodRead a database table
dbWriteTableWrite a local data frame or file to the database
initExtensionAdd useful extension functions
make.db.names-SQLiteConnection-character-methodMake R/S-Plus identifiers into legal SQL identifiers
query-depDeprecated querying tools
rsqliteVersionRSQLite version
SQLiteConnect to an SQLite database
sqliteBuildTableDefinitionBuild the SQL CREATE TABLE definition as a string
SQLiteConnection-classClass SQLiteConnection (and methods)
sqliteCopyDatabaseCopy a SQLite database
SQLiteDriver-classClass SQLiteDriver (and methods)
sqliteQuickColumnReturn an entire column from a SQLite database
SQLiteResult-classClass SQLiteResult (and methods)
sqlite-transactionSQLite transaction management
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