Man pages for rstudio/bookdown
Authoring Books and Technical Documents with R Markdown

bookdown_siteR Markdown site generator for bookdown
build_chapterCombine different parts of an HTML page
calibreA wrapper function to convert e-books using Calibre
clean_bookClean up the output files and directories from the book
epub_bookThe EPUB e-book format
gitbookThe GitBook output format
html_chaptersBuild book chapters into separate HTML files
html_document2Output formats that allow numbering and cross-referencing...
kindlegenA wrapper function to convert EPUB to the Mobipocket format
pdf_bookConvert R Markdown to a PDF book
publish_bookPublish a book to the web
render_bookRender multiple R Markdown documents into a book
resolve_refs_htmlResolve figure/table/section references in HTML
serve_bookContinously preview the HTML output of a book using the...
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