fa_png: Create a PNG version of a Font Awesome icon

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Create a PNG version of a Font Awesome icon


Get a Font Awesome icon as a PNG file. We can optionally set the fill attribute before writing the PNG. Additionally, there is control over the output width and height (usually, icons are 512 by 512 pixels). Please note that this function requires that the rsvg is installed on the system. Attempting to use fa_png() without rsvg available will result in an error message.


  file = NULL,
  fill = NULL,
  fill_opacity = NULL,
  stroke = NULL,
  stroke_width = NULL,
  stroke_opacity = NULL,
  height = NULL,
  width = NULL,
  prefer_type = c("regular", "solid")



The name of the Font Awesome icon.


the path to the output file. If NULL, then filename will take the short name of the icon and a .png extension will be applied.

fill, fill_opacity

The fill color of the icon can be set with fill. If not provided then the default fill color will be black. The opacity level of the fill color can be controlled with a decimal value between 0 and 1.

stroke, stroke_width, stroke_opacity

The stroke options allow for setting the color, width, and opacity of the outline stroke. By default, the stroke width is very small at "1px" so a size adjustment with "stroke_width" can be useful. The "stroke_opacity" value can be any decimal values between 0 and 1 (bounds included).

height, width

The output height and width of the rendered PNG. If nothing is provided then the output dimensions will match that of the input SVG viewBox.


Chooses the type of icon returned if: (1) providing a short name, and (2) that icon has both solid and regular types. For example, using name = "address-book" will result in two types of icons for an Address Book. By default, this preference is set to "regular" and the other option is "solid".


A PNG file written to disk.


if (interactive()) {

# Create a Font Awesome SVG icon as a
# PNG file on disk
fa_png(name = "r-project")


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