Man pages for rstudio/gggeom
Graphical Geometry

compute_dp_distanceCompute the Douglas-Peucker distance for paths.
compute_vw_distanceCompute the distance for paths with the Visvalingam-Whyatt...
coordsA simple class for managing lists of coordinates.
geometry_dodgeDodge objects on next to one another.
geometry_flipFlip x and y positions.
geometry_jitterJitter geometries to avoid overplotting.
geometry_pointificateConvert complex geometries in to points, paths and polygons.
geometry_reflectReflect positions around an axis.
geometry_rotateRotate a geometry about a pointclockwise, by a specified...
geometry_scaleScale stacked values.
geometry_simplifySimplify a path geometry with Douglas-Peucker
geometry_stackStack objects on top of one another.
geometry_transformPerform a linear transformation on a geometry.
geometry_warpWarp a path or polygon with adaptive resampling
gggeom-dataVarious dataset to use for exmaples
pipePipe operator
render_arcRender an arc
render_contourRender 3d observations as contours.
render_pathRender paths and path specialisations (line and polygons).
render_pointRender point and text geometries.
render_rectRender a rect.
render_ribbonRender a ribbon.
render_segmentRender a line segment
resolutionCompute the "resolution" of a data vector.
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