Man pages for rstudio/pool
Object Pooling

DBI-connectionDBIConnection methods.
DBI-connection-interpolateSafely interpolate values into an SQL string and parse them...
DBI-connection-quoteSQL quoting.
DBI-connection-sqlCreating and manipulating SQL tables.
DBI-connection-transactionDBIConnection transaction methods are not supported for Pool...
DBI-objectDBIObject methods.
DBI-object-deprecatedMake R identifiers into legal SQL identifiers.
dbPoolCreate a DBI Database Connection Pool.
dplyr-db-methodsDBIConnection methods from dplyr and dbplyr
objectPooled object methods.
poolPool Class.
poolCheckoutChecks out an object from the pool.
Pool-classS4 class for compatibility with DBI methods
poolReturnReturns an object back to the pool.
poolWithTransactionSelf-contained database transactions using pool
show-Pool-methodShow method
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