Man pages for rstudio/rscloud
Provides an R client to the REST APIs

invitation_rescindCancel Invitations
invitation_sendSend or Resend Invitations
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
rscloud_api_url_setConfiguring RStudio Cloud Host and API URL
rscloud_authenticateRStudio Cloud API Authentication
rscloud-packagerscloud: Provides an R client to the REST APIs
rscloud_spaceConstruct a Space Object
rscloud_space_listList Spaces
rscloud_whoamiWho Am I?
space_idSpace ID
space_infoGet Space Information
space_invitation_listRetrieve list of outstanding invitations
space_member_addInvite Users
space_member_listGet list of members for space
space_member_removeRemove Members
space_member_usageGet member usage information
space_project_listList Projects
space_role_listValid Roles for Space
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